Franklin Ibe otherwise known as F2 was born 10th September in the early 90s. He is from Ehime Mbano, Imo state, Nigeria. Music started naturally with the young talent at a very tender age as he has always been an ardent lover of everything that has sound and produces beautiful noise, he fell in love with the guitar along the way and started exploring through the musical instrument as a minor.
After his primary and secondary stage of education, he moved to federal university of technology, Owerri where he studied prosthesis & orthopedic technology.

While in school, he decided to push his musical prowess forward, which led to his weekend engagements, performing in clubs, Bars, hotels, restaurants, playing his guitar and singing at the top of his voice just to wow audience and prove his talent isn’t anonymous.
In 2014, he dropped his first official song titled ‘Gyration’. Gyration got street acceptance and opened way for F2, thereafter, he birthed other songs like, salute, hapuchaa’ and his 2016 national anthem ‘shima’.

F2’s kind of genre differs because of his uniquely gifted talent, he does afrobeat, highlife and rap simultaneously and flawlessly.
F2 would have excelled in the movie or modelling industry should music didn’t work for him, he is creatively gifted in the art industry.
Currently, he is signed to Dream empire music, a platform where he released his last single ‘Overdose’